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To Our Customers Who Are Using KUSKA Ties
It has been five years since the KUSKA brand was launched in 2010.
We owe the success of the brand to our dear customers who have been wearing KUSKA products with affection.
Of all our offerings, we have being selling the KUSKA fresco neckties as the main products.
I have been constantly wearing these neckties myself and notice that, after being worn for over four years, some threads or adjoining tailored parts of the neckties may become loose or come apart.
As we are using special handwoven fresco fabrics, it is not possible for us to make the neckties as tough as the ones that are machine-woven.
Therefore, we are pleased to offer free necktie maintenance service to our customers who are affectionate KUSKA users.

【 Applicable Conditions 】
○Threads of the necktie are about to become loose.
○Adjoining tailored or stitched parts are becoming loose.
○Threads caught an object and are sticking out as a result, etc.

Please mark the area that needs to be repaired and send the necktie to KUSKA together with your personal information including the name, postal code, address, phone number, email address, and where the purchase was made (store information).

*Although it will be difficult to repair stains or worn threads, please contact us separately for consultation.

Mailing address:
KUSKA Co., Ltd.
384-1 Iwaya, Yosanocho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto 629-2314
Note: Please state ‘necktie maintenance’ in the remarks area.

*The postage for sending and returning the necktie shall be covered by the customer.
We will return the repaired necktie to the customer using Sagawa Express’s cash-on-deliver service.

The maintenance service will likely take around two months for each necktie.
The customers wearing KUSKA neckties with affection for a long period of time provides motivation to our craftsmen that weave each necktie using hand looms.
While we will certainly do our best to repair the neckties that are sent in, there may be cases where they cannot be repaired as requested.
We ask for your understanding in advance.